We often find ourselves wanting to create a unique makeup look but we eventually don’t because of the fear of not being able to pull it off spectacularly. When it comes to makeup, there aren’t too many rules you need to obsess over anymore. The secret sauce here is that almost anything can be done and carried in style, provided you have kept your entire look in mind—everything from your makeup and hairstyle to your outfit for the day needs to be duly considered.

Here are some of the most popular myths surrounding makeup that you need to bust starting right now.

#1- Glitter Makeup is only for special occasions

The common myth is that glitter makeup is only for red carpets, stage shows, and weddings. But that’s not the case. If there is any makeup trend that is here to stay then it is glitter makeup. The intensity can vary but you can easily curate a surreal shimmer glow for your date nights or any other regular occasions.

#2- Expensive makeup is always better

So the idea prevailing in the makeup industry has always been that more expensive makeup means that it is of superior quality. That might not be the case. With your skin being the prime focus, you should choose products that suit your skin and not the ones that are higher on the price scale. You don’t necessarily have to break your bank to get your hands on incredible makeup products

#3- Dark skin tones are not means for bright lip colors

Lip colors when used as an integral part of your makeup, they are meant to elevate your vibe with confidence. Hence what lip color you choose to apply does not necessarily depend on your skin tone. It depends on what your outfit is, where you are going, what day it is, and more. It totally depends on how you feel and how comfortable you are with certain lip colors. If you think you can pull it off, set the stage on fire!

Wear your makeup exactly how you like and conquer the world with confidence.