Is there anything better than some color refresh and some pretty highlights to brighten up your look and add that much-needed bling?

More so, with this pandemic and lockdown boring us out of our minds, we need a change that is enticing more than ever. How about adding some colors to your hair so that life seems a little less black and white!

Here are 4 lovely hair-color trends that you can choose from.

Pink plush in the pandemic- In the current state, we are looking for some state of escapism. Aren’t we? What better than splashing some hues of pink! After all, pinks are so dreamy, light, and fun.

Warm-toned highlights- In any season, highlights are a great way to add more charm to your look, especially if you have brown hair. They give a lovely dimension to your hair color and right now that seems to be some breath of fresh air into our lives.

Blow the blues away with blue- If pink isn’t your color, blue might be the way to go. It might not be the easiest color to maintain but a deep intense blue or turquoise blue might be your getaway for this fall.

50 Shades of Red- There is a shade of red for everyone. At least that’s what we have heard and now with the red tones rising to the throne, you can slay all the hair drama in the shade of red that you like. Plus, red colors look good on most skin tones, especially people with freckles and light eyes.