She is one of the finest, yet she is one of the grounded souls. Strut24x7 had the opportunity to have a chat with this celebrated fashion stylist of the Indian Cinema beyond the realms of fashion and styling. Discover the aesthetics of Less is More with Allia Al Rufai.

Q. Your pictures tell us that you’re a nature lover. Tell us what is that draws you the most to nature?

A. I feel a sense of oneness with nature. When I’m surrounded by nature I feel this overwhelming feeling of calm and stillness.

Q. Your breakfast affair is something that breaks the internet whenever a picture goes us up. Tell us more about your undying love for breakfast and related aesthetics?

A. Breakfast as I like to call it is my happy hour. I enjoy making breakfast and setting it up. I learned this from the Danish. Hygge as they call it. I almost always have a candlelit breakfast with jazz music in the background. It’s my escape. I take simple joy and pleasure from this me-time.

Q. Are you a philosophical person? What do you like about philosophy? Which is your favorite quote?

A. Well, I wouldn’t define myself in any way. Let’s just say I like to keep an open mind. I’m very curious. I believe everything is about perception. The depth of the mind intrigues me. Yes, I love philosophy and I love ancient texts. I believe the knowledge they carry is simply profound.

Tao te Ching is one of the most profound texts that I’ve ever come across.

Q. How do you like to spend your free days?

A. In nature with my husband or at a meal with family.

Q. What do you like doing for vacations?

A. I like going to places off the grid. I love small towns as much as I love big cities. Vacation for me is all about slow living and some downtime so the lesser the planning, the better it is. I never have a checklist on a holiday. I prefer to go where the road takes me so to say and in this, I’ve stumbled upon some of the most magical places in the world and met some very interesting people.

Q. How do you look after your physical and mental wellness?

A. Well, I meditate sometimes if I feel I’m off balance or just take some time out. I don’t enjoy the gym but now and then I love Pilates- Mindkore by Megha Kawale.

Q. What is your fitness routine?

A. Pilates every now and then

Q. How important do you think eating healthy is?

A. Well, it’s important. To be honest I eat everything and believe in balance. If I feel I’ve overdone the junk food I’ll step back and eat healthier for a while. With my job as a stylist always traveling and on sets it’s hard to eat healthily. Plus to be honest I still enjoy a McDonald’s meal every now and then.

Q. When it comes to skincare, is that any particular routine that you follow?

A. No real skin routine. I’ve been fortunate. I use a good face wash and wear a moisturizer at night.

Q. Your style is as chic as it can get. Tell us more about how you draw inspiration for everything fashion?

A. Gosh! I draw inspiration from everywhere. I think over time I’ve just tried everything in a fashion that was trendy now I stick to working out of a capsule and wardrobe. This Less is More approach really works well for me every day and when I do have an occasion I enjoy going all out!

Q. According to you, what remains of the pandemic that will stay with us forever?

A. Well, I believe for each person this is different. For me, I’ve longed for a way of slow living. This pause from our hectic everyday life- I enjoyed spending time with my husband and just noticing so many things I never had the chance to even stumble upon before I watched my little terrace garden come to life. I watched the patterns in nature. I noticed all the little things I read so many books. I made friends with my neighbors. And yes I learned to cook! Haha

Q. Lastly, tell us about your philosophy of leading your life

A. I believe in living in the present moment. I practice gratitude each day. It can change your life 🙂