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Business of Beauty

We aspire for STRUT24x7 to be as the most reliable source of news and content in the business of beauty, primarily focusing on talent i.e. indian makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists.


We love BEAUTY. In fact it’s something that each women spends maximum time reading about it every day. So we want to create more content on looks in detail from the top artists in Bollywood and Indian fashion industry. We want to give them a platform that allows them to share their experiences, their techniques and beauty secrets with the world.


This platform will give a glance into the life of the makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists in Bollywood. The looks that they create for films, ads , shows etc. This content will definitely help inspire, educate and promote the talent.

We are doing this out of passion for artists behind the beautiful and fashionable faces of Bollywood. This platform is basically one stop shop news on the Artists in the beauty and fashion industry. Business of Beauty in India.