Airbrush makeup has been a trendy pick amongst the brides of today. But stepping into something that too for your big day without knowing everything there is, is not a very wise option.

Worry no more. Here is everything you need to know about bridal airbrush makeup.

  • In this type of makeup, experts use an airbrush gun, air compressor, and a special airbrush foundation, which is silicone or water-based. The foundation that is used here is quite thinner than the normal liquid foundation used in the traditional makeup because it has to pass through an airbrush gun.
  • The airbrushed foundation gives a polished and porcelain-like effect to your face. You can mix different foundation shades as well to find the perfect match.
  • Normally, it looks quite flawless on brides. Plus, it suits all skin types if the skin is prepped and primed well. Also, this blends in well and evens out the imperfections of your skin.
  • So what happens is that a fine mist is sprayed on your skin with gentle air pressure using the air compressor. Therefore airbrush makeup is lighter on the skin than traditional makeup that can make you feel heavier.
  • Being pretty lightweight, your skin can breathe and brag about a natural and polished look. Airbrush makeup also promotes a very natural look since it involves spraying just a little foundation and makeup. The best of your features will be highlighted in this kind of light and dewy makeup.
  • Airbrush makeup is also the knight in shining armor for the brides with oily skin, problematic skin, and skin with dents and crates. This is majorly because the silicone-based makeup stays all day long and acts as a filler.

All in all, airbrush makeup can be your way to go to look stunning for your big day. With your big day coming in, also take proper care of your skin because the key to flawless makeup is always great skin.