Tell us about your background. Did you know from a young age that you wanted to work in the beauty industry?

Not at all. In fact I changed my industry 8 years back. I am academically a finance post graduate and was employed with a leading mutual funds company for over 7 years.

What inspired you to become a makeup artist and who is your inspiration?

Well to be honest, my inspiration came much later. Initially I simply loved colours and used to do a lot experimental makeup on myself. That’s what actually triggered the thought of even trying my hand in makeup. But if you ask me now, I consider Bobbi brown, pat mcgrath as my inspiration.

When you first started experimenting with makeup did it come to you naturally? 

Yes it did. I feel since I always loved experimenting this was never a challenge for me. And that too with formal training 😬

How did you go about in your journey? Were you formally trained at a traditional beauty school?

Yes. Initially I was too scared of quitting my white collar job and hence started practising part time. My first teacher / mentor was Cory Wallia. Eventually two years post that I quit and did another formal course from Makeup Forever Academy, Singapore. And ever since then there’s been no looking back !

Was there ever a specific moment when you remember feeling like you’d gotten your big break?

Oh yes. I did. The first time when I worked on a Bollywood celebrity, I was on seventh heaven. Otherwise also I take my journey as a learning every time.  Every new assignment takes me one step higher towards climbing another step of success.

How has social media impacted your career? 

With the help of social media I actually have been able to put my work across to the masses. Approachability is very important. And social media just makes it easier. People across the globe and across diverse culture, profession get to see the kind of work I do. Now I can say that people know me by name. And mainly it’s because of the reach social media has. I actually don’t feel the need to update my website anymore because my work is just a click away on Instagram and the likes. So it also becomes easy to share work profile with prospective clients.

Your favorite people to work with?

I love my work. So put anyone on my chair and I will love her … I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the finest in the industry and I’m grateful for that.

How do you stay innovative?

Well again thanks to social media. I keep checking trends and latest fashion week looks across the globe and experiment with it back home. Also I do go for quick refresher getaways to hone skills.


How do you keep up with the changing trends – beauty industry is just as traditional as it is volatile in its trends?

I don’t think it’s that difficult. What goes around comes around. A trend never goes out of fashion. It just gets recycled. If you look back every trend from the past is now in vogue. Just a little bit of tweaking is needed. At the end of the day all I need to keep in mind is that I am 100% true to my art.