For a long time beauty was only about lipsticks to lust over, gowns to gaze at, and numerous shades of blush to accurately identify. But now, since everything around is changing so often, here we are redefining beauty and keeping it gender-free. And while we may admire the men in all their dapper-dressed and well-coiffed glory, we don’t really think twice about their makeup. Having said that, men’s makeup is not just as evident but it is there.

Men too have to lurk under-eye circles, a touch of pigmentation, or patchy brows or strands to tend to. So isn’t it completely obvious for them to use some brushes and concealers here and there? So here we have an accumulation of the best makeup products that can act as a rescue for these handsome hunks.

#1- Bronzer- A foolproof and natural-looking bronzer is the knight in shining armor for the mister. All you’ve got to do is swirl a bit of the multicolor bronzer with a fluffy powder brush over your entire face. Trust us on this! It gives you a surreal feeling of a fake vacation.

#2- Natural-Looking Foundation- Since makeup for men does not have to be a great deal, a natural-looking foundation is what you need to give your skin that healthy glow. With this one, it never looks like you’re wearing makeup, and it wears well throughout the evening.

#3- Mattifying Serum- Generally, men don’t like the thought of wearing makeup but still need some type of cover-up to look groomed. This is where this serum comes in. It gives your skin an even tone without overloading the product. Plus, with this mattifying serum, the minimal powder is needed. Also, this product in the men’s makeup regime helps the foundation and tinted moisturizer stay on longer so there’s no need to reapply more throughout the day.

#4- Beard Oil- Keeping the beard in check and well-groomed come before even the makeup routine starts. So this becomes a kind of a must-have for men’s makeup.

#5- Tinted Sunscreen- Having sunscreen on is a must- be it men or women. Plus, it gives men a little coverage and evens out the skin tone without looking like they have makeup on—all the while protecting their skin from the summer sun.