Billy Manik never fails to surprise us with the spectacular looks that she curates for the Bollywood ladies. What amazes us is that every time there’s something Billy Manik has that trick up her sleeve that works like a charm. Be it Esha Gupta’s versatile looks or Alia Bhatt’s chic and minimal looks, it’s just amazing how phenomenally different yet classy each look is.

While all the looks that she creates are just lovely, here’s our pick of the top 5 iconic looks created by Billy Manik.

Let’s begin

Bold Brows look for Esha Gupta

The thick brushed up brows with impeccable eye makeup are enhancing those striking features, for yet another minimal but the perfect look.

The Sunshine look for Ali Bhatt

With the resplendent base and the shimmering eyeshadow, this look is just mesmerizing. Graced with the beautiful bindi, this one is a timeless classic.


Hues of Pink for Kiara Advani

The subtle hues of pink for glitter eyes and glossy lips are breaking the contrast big-time on this stunning beauty!

The Bold Red Lip for Bhumi Pednekar

In the white attire, with the fuller red lips and intensified eye makeup, she looked like a glam goddess.


The Beguiling Radiance for Madhuri Dixit

If anything is really timeless, it’s Madhuri Dixit’s beauty. And Billy Manik just added the touch of glamour with dense lashes and the sauve lip color.