Fashion and beauty had a lot of barriers, where beauty was associated with just being slim, trim, or fair and skinny, but things don’t seem to be moving in that direction as of now. Beauty is invariable now, it doesn’t come with a book of rules or norms to be followed, from millennials to Bollywood celebrities whom most young women look up to or follow for their sense of fashion, are all being vocal about body positivity. They seem to be accepting the fact that it’s not necessary to section beauty into categories and that everyone has their unique style, without the need to filter it.

Delhi -based, influencer, and fashion & lifestyle YouTube- Sakshi Sindhwani, is among the few others who took the brave step of standing up against the body-shaming that she went through. She believed that less than 40% in India felt body confident and she wanted to change that, after everything she had dealt with regarding her wait and looks, she decided to rise against it. In a world obsessed with fitting into body fits and tight jeans, this plus-size star with a follower base of 126k on Instagram has managed to shove past the criticisms. She rose to prominence, not caring about the competition has made her mark by encouraging women to embrace their curves and be confident about themselves. While scrolling through her Instagram you can see how comfortable, self-assured she is with her style, whether it’s a swimwear shoot or flaunting that Indian wear. She also gives a lot of amazing and fun styling tips and how easily it can be done, her love for fashion got her featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and walking the ramp for the Lakme fashion week.

The bold and beautiful Neelakshi Singh is the epitome of beauty with brains and her work speaks for her. She is a professor, a brand consultant, a model, and a body-positive blogger who is unapologetic and doesn’t shy away in embracing her style and sexuality. Her vibrant Instagram profile with a 15.5k follower count will blow your mind with the vibrant layout and content she’s put out defining her taste in fashion. The lively model doesn’t abstain from flaunting her thick thighs and posing away. She started Plum To Pretty as a way to channelize her inner stylish guru into fashion blogging. 

From Pune, Aashna Bhagwani Known for her blog Beyond That Bouffant, has built her following writing about lifestyle, travel, and curvy fashion. She started blogging because she wanted to create a space where plus size fashion. The idea was to create a space where like-minded women could enjoy fashion as much as she did, as a body-positive influencer. She has earned more than 90,000 Instagram fans posting about her experimenting with fashion styles and breaking a few fashion myths. There is a lot to learn from her variations in poses ladies. These are few among the plus-size influencers that are breaking the stereotypes and shutting mouths that talk about thick and ugly. Their achievements speak for them and they have become advocates for body love. Through this, they have brands collaborating with them and they choose to accept body diversity, the style reflects self-identity and these women are doing just that by embarking on a self-love journey through fashion.