How to maintain your brows at home?

With the onset of another lockdown and the repeated restrictions, we are yet again on the verge of getting locked into our homes. Remember the first time, we got all into the skincare and haircare part of it! How about grooming your brows this time? Here we have different ways to groom your brows in the comfort of your homes so that when we are ready to step out, your brow game is just on-point. Brow Wax- While we are at home, we can hold off on twerking and trimming and give it time to grow n

Kulfi Beauty is all about celebrating South Asian Culture

Founded by Priyanka Ganjoo, Kulfi Beauty is all about having fun with makeup. It has recently launched eyeliner kajal in 05 bold colors that suit the deep skin tones. The idea with Kulfi Beauty is to create a safe space where the South Asian beauties can freely express themselves and defy stereotypes in style. While the name must amaze, the story behind ‘Kulfi Beauty’ is equally intriguing. This brand is ideally named after a traditional, frozen South Asian dessert. It is more so known for

Rare Beauty’s spring collection is exemplary as it can get.

It was not too long ago that we are going head over heels on the launch of Selena Gomez’s makeup line. This makeup line was launched after Selena spent two years working on this so that the makeup enhances the self-esteem and confidence levels of all the ladies who wear it. Rare Beauty goes beyond just products, it is a means to encourage women to honor what makes them different and unique through self-expression. The vision behind this makeup brand by Selena Gomez is to break all the absurd

#3 most popular makeup myths busted

We often find ourselves wanting to create a unique makeup look but we eventually don’t because of the fear of not being able to pull it off spectacularly. When it comes to makeup, there aren't too many rules you need to obsess over anymore. The secret sauce here is that almost anything can be done and carried in style, provided you have kept your entire look in mind—everything from your makeup and hairstyle to your outfit for the day needs to be duly considered. Here are some of the most po

All you need to know about Airbrush Makeup for Brides

Airbrush makeup has been a trendy pick amongst the brides of today. But stepping into something that too for your big day without knowing everything there is, is not a very wise option. Worry no more. Here is everything you need to know about bridal airbrush makeup.In this type of makeup, experts use an airbrush gun, air compressor, and a special airbrush foundation, which is silicone or water-based. The foundation that is used here is quite thinner than the normal liquid foundation use

Best melt-proof BB and CC creams for a strong makeup game.

BB creams are the skincare creams of the new age and join numerous cosmetics steps in a solitary advance. With its one application, you can get a flawless skin tone while concealing ceaselessly all the defects and flaws. It calms and saturates the skin. Also, many even accompany SPF, so you can avoid your sunscreen too. These are sheltered to wear every day to get a normally sparkling skin as opposed to using other makeup products. 1. Macintosh Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35Macintosh prep

Charlotte Tilbury now exclusively available on Nykaa

One of the most renowned beauty brands around the globe, Charlotte Tilbury collaborates with Nykaa, a leading lifestyle retailer in India to enter the Indian Beauty Segment. This makeup and skincare brand was launched officially online on the Nykaa app in November as well as the Nykaa Luxe stores across the country. Charlotte Tilbury has been expanding its presence in the Asian countries and this one is counting to be a major milestone achieved in the brand’s expansion plans. “I am so thr


We’ve always known Namrata Soni as the makeup artist who has been giving effortless glam to all the stunning ladies of the Indian Cinema for 20 years now. Truly, the charm that Namrata Soni splashes on these pretty faces is unmatchable and as timeless as it can get. And every look that she curates is better and finer than the last one. It’s simple for Namrata Soni- set a benchmark, uplift it and then repeat. And we think that’s what makes her journey as a professional makeup artist commend

All new makeup launches that you’ll not be able to resist.

Every now and then there are new makeup products that are hitting the shelves. But this winter, we have shortlisted the best makeup products that you need to get your hands on for a phenomenally stunning look.Let's check them out.Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss Glossy lips are reining back to the throne. Also, they seem to be working like a charm for your winter looks. This one, exclusively available on Nykaa, lets you glop on the lightweight, iridescent gloss onto your lips for a glassy

Billy Manik Blazing The Bling For The Gorgeous Ladies!

Billy Manik never fails to surprise us with the spectacular looks that she curates for the Bollywood ladies. What amazes us is that every time there’s something Billy Manik has that trick up her sleeve that works like a charm. Be it Esha Gupta’s versatile looks or Alia Bhatt’s chic and minimal looks, it’s just amazing how phenomenally different yet classy each look is. While all the looks that she creates are just lovely, here’s our pick of the top 5 iconic looks created by Billy Mani