Vitamin-C myths that you need to bust right now!

Vitamin-C is one of the most imperative ingredients used for all skincare regimes and routines. Almost all your skincare products have Vitamin-C present in one form or another. Having said that, Vitamin-C is also one of the most celebrated yet misunderstood components of skincare. Yes! There are some Vitamin-C-related myths that you need to un-believe ASAP. Let’s see what these are. #1- All Vitamin-C is the same. No! The front of your product packaging may say “Contains Vitamin-C” but

How to keep your hands soft and supple with the constant sanitisation and hand washing

Since the time we found about COVID-19, the one mandate we've been religiously following is to wash hands appropriately. So before we eat, when we return home, each time we contact an outside or office door handle, entryway, or railing, before we cook, when we go to the washroom, in the wake of playing with a pet, we wash our hands. That makes for a great deal of hand washing. Furthermore, over the top hand washing can make your hands incredibly dry and even split. This happens because when you

Billy Manik Blazing The Bling For The Gorgeous Ladies!

Billy Manik never fails to surprise us with the spectacular looks that she curates for the Bollywood ladies. What amazes us is that every time there’s something Billy Manik has that trick up her sleeve that works like a charm. Be it Esha Gupta’s versatile looks or Alia Bhatt’s chic and minimal looks, it’s just amazing how phenomenally different yet classy each look is. While all the looks that she creates are just lovely, here’s our pick of the top 5 iconic looks created by Billy Mani

The Revolution launches a FRIENDS themed makeup line

Think hard and try to name a more iconic television show than FRIENDS. It’s just as possible as impossible. There’s absolutely no one who does not like FRIENDS! Is there? Everyone we know and the ones they know love how absolutely iconic everything about this series is. While we come across bucketloads of FRIENDS merchandise that is readily available in the form of themed clothing, accessories, home decor, and even kitchenware which are all easy to find and buy online. But what was not supp


Selena Gomez recently started her own makeup line- Rare Beauty which just exclusively hit Sephora shelves. Since her childhood, she has spent a lot of her time in a makeup chair. Given that, and her iconic red lip look that drives all of crazy, she clearly knows her way through a makeup bag and it was nearly inevitable for her to launch her own makeup line. Rare Beauty is more than just a fancy makeup line. 1% of all product sales, plus funds raised by partners will directly go to the Rare Impa

Kiara Advani slaying it for Laxmmi Bomb Promotions

Movie promotions sound like such an alienated phrase. Doesn’t it? After a long-stagnant 6 months, we finally are moving towards a new normal. While we are taking baby steps towards the new normal, Kiara Advani is slaying it out there for Laxmmi Bomb promotions.Through her caption said that “ Kinda missed movie promotions,” we can say it out loud that we missed them equally. And to add to that, she is looking supremely stunning, be it her red lehenga outfit or the lovely black dress att


The pandemic has made wearing the masks part of our beauty and style now. With that being the new trend, the makeup industry has shifted its focus towards highlighting the eyes or anything that is above our nose and not covered by the mask. The way you did your makeup in 2010 versus 2020 is very different and probably makes you feel all the feels. More so than ever before, it's about embracing experimentation, and simply doing you. People on Instagram are matching their brows to their eye makeup


MAC Cosmetics dropped a secret underground small batch of product innovation, limited to only 1000 pieces. And the M.A.C lovers rushed in to grab these products. The limited MAC Underground collection reportedly sold out one hour after launch on June 22, 2020. As make-up brands are gearing up to face the challenges and opportunities to face the pandemic, Ukonwa Ojo, MAC's global chief marketing officer and senior vice president of global marketing, says ‘as a brand with a creative soul story,

Puig in partnership with Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury
London based celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, 47 founder, chairman, president, and chief creative officer of her eponymous makeup and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd. has handed over reins to  Puig  a Spanish company operating in the fashion and fragrance sector.  The British iconic luxury makeup and skincare brand launched in 2013 and has been successful globally.Since Charlotte reached a crucial moment in business, the best way was to have a partnership that would


When speaking of the top makeup and hair stylist in the industry, the first name to pop in your mind is none other than Ambika Pillai. She is based out of Delhi and very well known for her master piece skills in the industry. Her expertise in this field has allowed her the opportunity to be the only hair and makeup artist in India to do all the editions of India Fashion Week since inception and has worked with all the leading designers from India like Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Sabyasachi, Suneet