Best Organic Skincare Brands for a one-way ticket to soft and supple skin

These days, there is a lot of buzz about going organic and using natural things for your beauty and wellness regime. With all the lifestyle stress and the environmental pollutants taking a hit on our skin, putting on more harsh chemicals is not a wiser road to lead. As a result, what we see is more and more brands are shifting their focus on providing skincare essentials that are power-packed with the goddess of nature so that women can ensure ever-lasting radiance in the most organic way. We

It’s time to switch to sunscreens with higher SPF

Skincare in summers can get tricky with all the excess oil and the constant sweating. There are also high chances of tanning and sunburn. While makeup also gets very confusing, there’s one sure-shot way of ensuring that our makeup stays right on. And you might wonder what is that? The answer is actually quite simple. It’s having a balanced skincare routine for summers that essentially address all the problems that come with summer. Here's a guide to mitigating the effects of unbearable heat

Hear out the insiders of hairstyling from Malika Arora’s hairstylist, Meghna Butani.

Meghna Butani is a celebrated hair artist of the Indian Cinema. She is known to give iconic hair glam to the Bollywood beauties like Maliaka Arora and Tabu. When asked about her journey and the dynamics of the hairstyling industry, this is what she had to say.How did you go about your journey? Were you formally trained at a traditional beauty school?I used to assist a makeup artist 15 years ago who gave me the best advice ever that was to learn hair and makeup. And that’s when I joine


For a long time beauty was only about lipsticks to lust over, gowns to gaze at, and numerous shades of blush to accurately identify. But now, since everything around is changing so often, here we are redefining beauty and keeping it gender-free. And while we may admire the men in all their dapper-dressed and well-coiffed glory, we don't really think twice about their makeup. Having said that, men’s makeup is not just as evident but it is there. Men too have to lurk under-eye circles, a touch

03 ways to take care of combination skin in the right way.

Taking care of combination skin can get tiresome and confusing. Since your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others, your skincare routine has to have the best of both worlds. The underlying challenge is to create a skin-care routine that can address both dryness and an excess of oil.Needless to say, taking care of combination skin in the right way is more of a balancing act. And that is why we have some of the best tips and tricks to maintain a healthy combination of skin.Gently cle

Regality Redefined with Varun and Natasha’s coordinated wedding outfits

In real life, when it came as Varun Dhawan's turn to take his dulhaniya, he did it in fine grace and style. When Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal got married, the whole internet was just about the gorgeous pictures from the wedding in Alibaug. The wedding being an intimate affair, the whole nation still was an equal part of this grandeur. While Varun and Natasha gave us major couple goals wearing coordinated sherwani and lehenga, we are absolutely gorging over both their outfits equally. Varun Dh

Mallika Dua giving us major spring fashion goals.

We’ve always loved Mallika Dua’s spunkiness and all things natural that come with her dynamic personality. Her selection of outfits and the way her entire looks are curated have always taken us by surprise mainly because of how magnificently different every look is and how equally ethereal it comes out looking. Having said that, Mallika has been renewed for making the kind of content that she does- which takes the whole nation by charm. But this time, her recent post is just breaking more h

Masks – A trend that is yet to stay and slay

In our ‘new normal’, we will all be encouraged to wear masks in circumstances where social distancing isn't possible. What's more, with that, it's made another trend for us: the fashion masks. We've just observed miniature patterns identified with masks—in particular the luxury designer mask or the entirely coordinated cover and outfit. Be that as it may, while we as a whole (ought to be) wearing masks, how can it feel to see something so connected with the misfortune and misfortune of the


Rising to fame at his own speed and with a lot of authencity in what he does, we have one of the most class-apart makeup artist in a fun conversation at STRUT 24x7. Let's look at his inspirational journey from the start. Q. So how did it all start for you? What was your first job in the makeup industry? How did your career in makeup artistry begin?A. My journey started as an artist. I was always associated with the creative field where I used to paint, make greetings, and sketch. It was


This wedding season might be a little different and unusual from every year’s but that does not mean that girls can’t glam up their A-game. Be it a close-knit wedding or a virtual wedding that you’re attending decking upbeat is what weddings are all about. Right?Here we have “must-have” lipstick shades that will help you ace this wedding season in style. So are you ready?Let’s beginThe Nude Nuance Nude colors are the top-trending lip colors that will go with any look