Elton J Fernandez for Aditi Rao gives her the distinct exceptional look. He champions the art of hair and makeup with his sheer drive and charisma for all things beauty. Apart from being Hydari’s make-up artist through the years, Fernandez is amongst her closest friends and confidants in the industry—a look at both their Instagram accounts will make that pretty obvious.

Elton – “She has flawless skin and is a natural stunner. But what I love most about her is the fact that she is always looking for ways to stretch her personality. She has a fragility about her that she doesn’t mind playing up. Her clear, gorgeous skin is the perfect canvas for me to work with.”

Puneet B Saini for Alia Bhatt compliments her looks with her stunning versatile personality. After becoming famous for Alia Bhatt’s look in Dear Zindagi, Puneet B Saini has been on our Instagram feeds for creating some of our favourite looks, including this one.They have worked this magnanimous glamour together since Alia Bhatt’s smashing success Raazi.

Shraddha Naik for Shraddha Kapoor  is the magician behind her ultimate sparkle in her aura. She is the personal makeup artist for Shraddha. Every Filmfare she brings something new. This is what she has to say about her favourite Shraddha Kapoor: “ been sweet and kind and  she allows me to try what I want. “

Adrian Jacobs for Kriti Sanon gives the total captivating looks to the gorgeous girl accompanied by Asif who does all the relentless magic to the hair. Adrian and Asif are the rocking duo behind this  transformation of hers from being a cute girl next door to the hot diva has been her glam squad which consists of hairstylist Aasif Ahmed and make up artist Adrian Jacobs. The actress has been setting trends like never before and it’s working for her like magic, the credit definitely goes to her team. Together with Kriti sanon they have delivered glamour since ‘Bareilly ki Barfi’.

Anil Chinnappa  for Deepika Padukone is the man behind the most stunning looks  that DP carries with style.  A face so gorgeous and the glam so unnatural.

Together they have created ravishing looks on screen! Be it weddings or TV shows or brand shoots Anil has made sure that Deepika’s bold features are highlighted the best and flaunted upbeat.