While everybody from common man to celebrities are doing their part to contribute to this appalling Covid situation , our fashion designers are making sure to do their part righteously and some of them who are contributing majorly towards this are designers Masaba Gupta and Anita Dongre.

Masaba announced that she would be distributing non-surgical face masks, and this initiative was called ‘Maskaba ‘named after her fashion label House of Masaba, due to the current situation the fashion label had to switch their production line from clothes to masks, she took the pandemic as an opportunity and not a complete threat and decided to have fashionable masks made, and switched to making non-surgical masks in times of the COVID-10 crisis. The masks are being made from fabric initially meant for garments. In order to express gratitude towards are hero’s who are working tirelessly to keep us safe , Masaba gifted designer non-surgical masks to some police officers.

On the other hand the House of Anita Dongre is making designer reusable masks and the best part is these masks are being made by women from rural villages in a way creating employment opportunities for them. The production of these masks is being done with proper permissions from the authorities and around 7000 masks are made each week for distributions to NGO’s, villagers and patients, these masks are stitched from the fabric used for clothes from well known brands. 

Not everything is about gaining fame and these designers are proving that with their hardwork and perseverance and that’s why they have been successful because they are able to empathize and work according to the situations, their level of creativity has no bounds. They have created a mark in the fashion industry as well as made a place in the hearts of the people around the country, which also shows that you can do so much with the power and skills to help and support anyone in need.