Managers juggle and organise things with utmost efficiency. And since time is the most important resource, professionals should take every measure to save time, ensure optimum utilisation of it. So if we talk about the underlying need for the makeup artists and hairstylists to have managers, it is fairly valid and they do need managers. In India, it is a very novice concept for technicians to have managers but is picking up very rapidly. Top agencies here would be  – Faze management , Anima creatives, Eficiente management to name a few. 

Let’s take a glance at the important things that managers bring to the table: 

  • Schedule Management- One of the most important functions of an artist manager is time management. The makeup artists and hairstylists have tight and hectic schedules with their films, wedding clients, advertising and if proper time management is not ensured, things can go upside down. So it’s the managers who keep moving things in momentum for the artist.
  • Engineering their Growth – While these artists continue doing what they love, their manager brings in more growth opportunities for the artists in terms of new clients, exposure events like masterclasses and campus visits, etc. All the other things that these managers add to the artist’s portfolio engineer their growth tremendously. 
  • Strategic Associations – Next on the list are associations both strategic and brand collaborations that these managers scout for, match with the personalities and bring on board. Managers aide the artists in  increasing their horizons outside the industry. Say, for example, a given artist is a celebrity makeup artist, the manager ensures that the artist’s portfolio diversifies by taking up collaborations, mall activations, weddings, events, fashion weeks to name a few.
  • Accounts Management : While the artists are busy on film schedules or  travelling, their billing and invoicing needs to be done on time in order to ensure payments come on time. Also filing taxes, their work permits for international artists is a huge responsibility of the manager. 

The above points make it very clear that having a manager for a makeup artist or a hairstylist will help the artist focus on their craft while the manager puts in place the career trajectory process for them.