When it comes to creative hairstyles, Priyanka Borkar is the name that is a perfect synonym to innovative and chic hairstyles. Let’s look at her top five all time mind blowing hairstyles.

Messy topknot- This messy topknot is the reason we fell in love with buns all over again. The hazel textured hair is slaying “messy hair don’t care” literally.

Luminous Ice fairy- And this barbie hair colour with bangs tantalizing to the bits is so bold and creative. This hairdo does take us to the barbie world.

Rainbow braids- This talented lady redefined every single thing close to innovative hairstyles in the industry with this rainbow braid. With all the flush colours and the beautiful braids, this is by far the best hairdo that blew our hearts.

The canary curls- the flush waves set so well looking so phenomenal on the red dress. The bare blond colour is totally rocking the party.