Franco is an International hairstylist based between Mumbai and London, and represented by Ugly Duckling projects in Singapore/Asia and Faze Management in Mumbai/India. He is a regular on the fashion circuit and works as a freelance hairstylist, colorist, men's groomer, and educator. He thrives on the challenging environment of his work and can deliver original ideas that inspire those around him. He teaches as part of the education team at Makeup Atelier in London and BHI in Mumbai. Basically, his career takes him around the world.Franco was born in Perth/Australia and he always had a keen interest in art and sculpture. He left school at the age of 15 to start his apprentice in combined hairdressing. Franco first trained as a men's hairdresser before training in women's hair. He later studied his certificate in art and design at Perth Technical College, while finishing his training in hairdressing.His keen eye for color and perfectionism of sculpture soon began crossing over into his hairdressing. He progressed from a stylist and colorist into an artistic director, working on photoshoots and educating for companies such as L'Oréal.In 2000, ten years after working and training in Perth and Sydney, he moved to London, with one goal set in his mind, to work in fashion. It wasn't long until he began working on various hair campaigns and fashion shows as well as photographic advertising campaigns and fashion shoots. In the process, he has gained invaluable experience and inspiration from assisting some of the industry's top session stylists and agencies. Franco continued to study, sharpening the skills he had gained with qualifications in hair extensions, make-up, grooming, business management, holistic massage, and in 2009/10.Franco has gained several accolades for his work including finalist in the Australian and U.K. L'Oréal Colour Trophy. Also, in 2004 he was a part of Fellowship for British Hairdressing F.A.M.E. Team. Franco consistently seeks the newest techniques and products, keeping him at the forefront of his business.
    He has featured in numerous publications such as Attitude, Glamour, i-D, Jock's and Nerds, Schön!, The Fashionisto, Vogue, Volt, and Wallpaper. He has worked with some of the most opulent labels of time such as Adidas, Burberry, Crombie, Liberty of London, Louis Philippe, Mulberry, Qasimi Homme, and Sabyasachi.

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