As we get all set for the holiday season, Hiral Bhatia is breaking the internet with beach waves and other chic hairdos that only inspire us to carry that glam just as effortlessly.

If you’re looking for stunning and simple hairdos to grace your holiday season looks, here are some inspirations for you straight out of Hiral Bhatia’s fulcrum.

01- The Beachy Texture- If you’re looking to keep it casual while making it glamorously classy, then this look is for you. It’s just wow in every sense.

02- The half and half look- Nothing says holiday like a cool hair look. Right? Hence this high half and half hairdo from Hiral Bhatia’s axis is exactly what you need to ace your trip.

03- Messy Hair Don’t Care – Your holiday season has to be carefree yet stunning. Here’s exactly how you do it like a pro with this messy texture and divine waves.

04- The Party Swirls- Oh! This one is supremely gorgeous and how! If you’re looking to keep it natural yet make a bold statement for new year’s eve, this one is your way to go.

We love how all of these looks are so mind-blowingly inspirational. You always come up with things that work like a charm, Hiral Bhatia.