While not only our country but the whole world has stopped amidst this coronavirus outbreak, it is quite a challenge to adapt to this new normal. If things would have been normal and running on their pace, the fashion stylists would be in the middle of their summer magazine shoots and receiving samples for the fall issues. But only if things were normal! With this pandemic, most of these things are put at a halt.
So the pertinent question becomes what are the Bollywood fashion stylists doing to adapt to these lockdown and quarantine situations?
It is not very hard to imagine that clearly, the fashion stylists are struggling to adapt on fleek to this new situation that we are not even sure of how long will it take? And particularly where they used to send samples, photographers and a phalanx of hair, makeup, styling personnel along with their assistant around the world to collaborate, all of this in the current scenario is not very much possible. This lockdown situation has completely turned the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars on one photoshoot since it is no longer feasible and safe.
Also, as long as the freelancers are concerned who are out of the realms of safety net jobs are great content and at the same time stressed with the current work that is being postponed or canceled. Weeks distant projects are also kept on hold which is making these whole situations a little more precarious with absolutely to clear resolution at all.
The fashion industry is as traditional as it is versatile. The fashion shoots normally work on a contract basis as a result of squeezed budgets and owing to the higher demand for more content for the social media platforms. Behind the scenes, the making, etc are the kind of content that is greatly required by the social media channels. But with the pandemic, the glory of outdoor shoots with a trunk of clothes and a group of models is much rarer and seems difficult to incorporate in the lockdown.
However, the fashion industry and mainly the stylists have not completely stopped working. They are still trying to plan out the coming months and chasing the projects they wished to do. At the same time, the stylists are meaningfully altering the format of styling which will now change owing to this lockdown. But will it have a more permanent effect or things will go back to the way they were after this pandemic is what we will have to wait and watch!