Coronavirus Beauty

While this pandemic has taken the whole world on the edge, various industries are dealing with this coronavirus outbreak in their respective ways.  The fashion, beauty, and retail are equally impacted by this outbreak yet this industry has some innovative ideas to counter this pandemic taking its businesses to the ground. Let’s look at some of these that top the list:

Fashion Rallies – It has been seen that a lot many influential figures and fashion designers are coming together to raise funds. These funds are collected with the intention to combat COVID-19’s global spread. The best part is that a large chunk of these funds, in terms of money and resources, has directly been directed to Italian hospitals and institutions since Italy took the biggest hit of this pandemic.Beauty and Fashion events go virtual- With quarantine and self-isolation, obviously, events were going to take the hit. But guess what? The majority of these events were taken online because ‘the show must go on.’ While the whole world is slow, these virtual events are serving the purpose perfectly of entertaining the audience as they are originally intended to do. 

Online shopping on surge– Since countries are fast approaching lockdowns, beauty and fashion chains all across the globe were shut down. This, in turn, led to a surging speed at which buyers started to purchase stuff online. After all, being locked down at home and with nothing more interesting to do, people are resorting to online shopping to keep them entertained and pass this quarantine with ease.

People around the world are petrified of the pandemic and the businesses are on an all-time low. But the contemporary thinking and approach that the fashion and beauty industry has shown are terrific.

Apparel makers are making masks- Giant apparel makers decided to save it for the healthcare workers who are putting in day and night efforts to keep the world safe and sound. What better than people helping people in this deadly outbreak! These apparel makers are doing a commendable job producing masks to take care of the healthcare professionals.