Alia Bhatt


In the quarantine times, when physical contact has come to zilch, we are resorting to online methods like video conferencing for our business meetings.

And while we are at home, dressing up seems like a task since it’s for a meeting that you will attend at home and not at some fancy venue. 

But there are also plus factors to online meetings, one of them being that you only have to dress from the waist up. You can business on the top and comfy by the bottoms. Just like this, here we have tried to simplify the process for you with these simple tweaks. 

If you don’t really feel like dressing up, what you can do is make a simple T-shirt look presentable by adding a couple of cool accessories like statement-making earrings or an elegant neckpiece, basically everything above the waistline.

“You can get your basic moisturiser on to make your skin look hydrated, a little under-eye concealer, if you’re under the eye, seems tired and put on some tint on your cheek n lips and you’re good to go for a video meeting.” Says Shraddha Bachani, Celebrity Makeup Artist.  

Next, what you can do is make a presentable hairdo without any hassle with a fun scrunchie for a little bit of flair. This way you can look easy-breezy and also well-dressed. 

These easy ideas will let you rock the Zoom meetings in no-time. Try it and you’ll love how effortlessly beautiful you’ll look for the Zoom Meetings.