With the onset of another lockdown and the repeated restrictions, we are yet again on the verge of getting locked into our homes. Remember the first time, we got all into the skincare and haircare part of it! How about grooming your brows this time?

Here we have different ways to groom your brows in the comfort of your homes so that when we are ready to step out, your brow game is just on-point.

Brow Wax- While we are at home, we can hold off on twerking and trimming and give it time to grow naturally. Having said that, we also don’t want it to go all wild. So what you can do is use brow wax. A brow wax can give a more styled look to a messy brow and has great hold without leaving a residue.

Moisturize- It is important to take care of the skin underneath the brows so that it doesn’t get flaky. What you can do is use the same moisturizer that you’re using for your face and gently massage it on your brows until none of it is seen on the brow hair. This will keep your brows soft and the skin underneath supple.

Only pick out the extras- With the lockdown, your trips to the salons will also come to a stall. Amidst this, if you feel the need to shape your eyebrows, pick off only the extras by yourself. Never go on to touching the shape of your brows because that is a strictly professional’s job. Attempting to do it on your own can turn into a disaster.

Slant-Tipped Tweezers– If at all, you are in dire need of plucking your brows while we are in the lockdown state, a wise idea is to use a slant-shaped tweezer. Also, as much as you can avoid breaking off the hair close to the base and causing unnecessary pain. Always remember- don’t over tweeze and use a toner or a calming gel after it’s done.

And here is the complete guide to look after and groom your brows in the lockdown. All the best!