You may think styling a man is a piece of cake, just wear a suit and move on. But no! It’s more of a task than styling women and celebrity stylist Isha Bansali is one among them. She is on a mission to make Ayushmann Khurrana the most stylish man in the country and she’s not very far from accomplishing that. His varied taste in fashion and her expertise is one of the best combinations and which is bringing forth the best of designs for us. Isha has also styled Rajkumar Rao, Ajay Devgan, and Ali Fazal.  We couldn’t agree more that Isha’s style is eclectic and fun and that’s what makes them a great team. Ayushmann is one actor who has upped the game of style and how.Isha has surely made Ayushmann one of the well-dressed men of today’s time.

Here are some mind-blowing styles by celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali – 

This heavenly look won the Most Stylish Star at the Glamour & Style Awards. The white long jacket creates a bold style statement with the perfect hairdo.

The metallic sharp look, Baroque Jacquard Tuxedo Suit, oozes out confidence, the bow tie completes the look.

A combination of pastel colors and symmetrical designs is a treat to our eyes. Women are known to pull off pastel colors well, but in this case, he is rocking it.


The crisp and bold red silhouette is working so well for the red carpet look and with that mustache on point, uff!!!

The asymmetric style looks so comfortable and good on Ayushmann and since his body is on the leaner side so it works pretty well and that matching converse is so eye-catchy.

Ayushmann Khurrana‘s Sufi School Kid Look, is an inspiration from the ‘urban meets country’ kind of a look, paired with Prophere shoes.