All of us are drooling hard over Jahnvi Kapoor’s quintessential look on the Brides Today cover. The charm that she holds on the cover for the latest addition is supremely mesmerizing. On this cover, Jahnvi Kapoor is making for a ravishing bride donning pastel-hued lehenga and all the exquisite jewelry that adds the iconic glam.

There are absolutely no two-ways about the fact that this CoverGirl look grabbed a lot of attention from the fans and contemporaries on social media. While we can’t get enough of this surreal look, the eminent artists who were responsible for hair and makeup on this extravagance are the most celebrated artists of Indian Cinema breaking the internet with more and more mind-blowing looks one after another.

We are talking about none other than Florian Hurel and Gabriel Georgiou. This look for Brides Today amplifying modern-day brides is just simply phenomenal. And it’s not just breaking the stereotypes, it is more so aligned with the vibe of the modern-day women. Graced with dreamy hairdos, minimal makeup, intricate designs, and extravagant pieces of jewelry, these bridal looks are adding bling to the classy big time.

Gone are the days of coy and shy brides. With Florian’s superior craft as a makeup artist, he has reiterated that a contemporary bride is a norm breaker. He is flawlessly slamming the quintessential bridal colors of red and crimson. He has worked with subtle hues to makes this modern-day bride look drop-dead gorgeous in the stunning shades of nudes and neutrals. Also, the care-free hairdo done by Gabriel Georgiou ensembles for a rather bold statement for the brides of today. Right from the enchanting outfit, to the exquisite jewelry and most importantly the aura created around shows free-spirited women who are a bit of both nerve and sass.

This bridal look is just setting the most charming tone for brides in 2021. More so, it is giving us some major motivation to get married this year!