Founded by Priyanka Ganjoo, Kulfi Beauty is all about having fun with makeup. It has recently launched eyeliner kajal in 05 bold colors that suit the deep skin tones. The idea with Kulfi Beauty is to create a safe space where the South Asian beauties can freely express themselves and defy stereotypes in style.

While the name must amaze, the story behind ‘Kulfi Beauty’ is equally intriguing. This brand is ideally named after a traditional, frozen South Asian dessert. It is more so known for its colorful appearances and variations. Very similar to ice creams in texture, this sweet milky treat was the focal point of Priyanka’s happiest and most carefree childhood memories. This happy nostalgia is what makes ‘Kulfi’ the perfect name for Priyanka’s advent on changing the makeup landscape forever.

All of that said, the brand philosophy does not necessarily mean to align with this. While she was growing up and in her mid-20’s, Priyanka had time on her hands to make acquaintance with the ways that the patriarchy insisted on labeling makeup as means to attract men or to look more professional in the workplace. Over the years, she increasingly got frustrated with these societal taboos.

This is how she made it her personal mission to create a beauty brand that actually empowered herself and fellow South Asians. And now what we see with Kulfi Beauty is all that is here to create a marvelous history in the makeup industry. It will be quite interesting to see what more fun and appealing products make it to this glam world coming from the heart of South Asian Culture with Kulfi Beauty.