Arti Nayar, is the go-to celebrity makeup and hair stylist for our favourite Bollywood beauties. Arti's client list includes, Sonam Kapoor, Pernia Qureshi, Alia Bhatt and more. Her secret to success? Be passionate and work extremely hard!Born in Assam and grew up in Calcutta. Moved to Mumbai to finish her college, but never left this amazing city! She studied Sociology in college but always had a lot of interest in fashion and films. It’s during her college days that she took up a three-month makeup course and completely fell in love with all thing's beauty!However, finding a job in Bollywood is not a piece of cake. Today's glam sensation behind the magical looks for the celebrities started by being working in the costume department on set for the film "wake up sid". And that's how Arti's journey started!She worked as a stylist for a few films after 'Wake up Sid' to connect with as many people in the industry as possible. Through her styling jobs, she met her mentor, Namrata Soni, who is an amazing celebrity makeup artist. Because of Namrata, she worked with celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Pernia Qureshi and more. She was part of her team for a few years, then decided to pursue the makeup artist career on her own.And now as we see her hands on the best Bollywood celebrities, she's done some crafty work through these years. Her journey and the efforts are commendable.

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