The pandemic has made wearing the masks part of our beauty and style now. With that being the new trend, the makeup industry has shifted its focus towards highlighting the eyes or anything that is above our nose and not covered by the mask. The way you did your makeup in 2010 versus 2020 is very different and probably makes you feel all the feels. More so than ever before, it’s about embracing experimentation, and simply doing you. People on Instagram are matching their brows to their eye makeup, and YouTubers and makeup artists are giving us tips to style our eyes.

Let’s look at some of the makeup trends in the year 2020 that are much talked about.

  1. This gorgeous blend of gold, purple and red shadow by L’Oreal is called the ‘’sunset eyes”, and gives your eyes an artistic pop. If you’re in a mood for some fun this is the look to try.

2. The fluffy eyebrows look. Haven’t been to the parlor to get your eyebrows done? That’s not a problem. Now all you need to do is tackle the sparse areas first, usually the areas on the outer parts of your brow. Apply the pencil with soft, upward hair strokes before you move on to the fuller areas.

3. The Floating eyeliner is simple so that you don’t have to stress about drawing the perfect line. It might look a little uncanny in the beginning but you might get used to it.  If you are not hesitant to get out of your comfort zone, all you need is a good brush, the thickness of which depends on how you want it.

4. The Glass Skin look is a K-Beauty trend that took the beauty world by storm in 2017. It’s that crystal clear, dewy, glass-like complexion that most of us aspire to have.

5. The bright mascara look. This time it’s not just the eye shadows that are getting colorful, but also our mascaras are going to get different shades apart from black. You can give it a try by starting out with some shades which are not too bright like blue or green.