This wedding season might be a little different and unusual from every year’s but that does not mean that girls can’t glam up their A-game. Be it a close-knit wedding or a virtual wedding that you’re attending decking upbeat is what weddings are all about. Right?

Here we have “must-have” lipstick shades that will help you ace this wedding season in style. So are you ready?

Let’s begin

The Nude Nuance

Nude colors are the top-trending lip colors that will go with any look for ant wedding functions. Hence you’ve got to have a nude palette in place. This involves a set of nude shades ranging from the highest color of brown to a bit dark and a hint of mauve. These super cool shades can be topped off with lip gloss for a perfect wedding glimmer.

Berry Shades

You have to at least have one berry shade in your palette. The berry lip colors give a very flamboyant vibe and can go with any ethenic outfit on fleek. And the best part is that they look glamorously royal yet our simple effortless to carry.

Mauve Mattes

Works like a charm every time. If you’re a fan of matte lip colors, this one is a holy grail for you. What is intriguing about this lip color is that it is subtle but yet it helps you create the most authentic statement for you.

Pretty Pink

It’s a classic and it’s irreplaceable. Be it classy fuchsia pink or a mellow scarlet pink, your wedding looks cannot be complete without splashing on the shades of pink and craft the most head-turning look.

Shades of Red

When you say wedding, red is the color that pops up in our minds. Right? No matter how much ever gaga nude shades are going, your red lip color is that knight in your shining armor that you can’t just do without. Plus, it creates the perfect pout.