At the start of a fabulous year, we’ve been stuck to the winsome pictures of Shraddha Kapoor for Street Dancer promotions on the internet. With the gorgeous looks that Shradhha Kapoor is been carrying, we’ve been awe-struck at the ravishing hairstyles that she is effortless carrying. These flawless hairdos are done by none other than Nikita Menon. Nikita Menon is one of the most celebrated and talented hair artists of Indian Cinema. Let’s look at her recent creations for Street Dancer promotions:


Deep curled look – Those dreamy curls on the mahogany hair are divine. The effortless shine and the flow are just mind-boggling here.


Gajra half-bun – Such artistic hairdos whisk our hearts away. Half buns are common but you made it more beguiling by wrapping a gajra over it.


The fishtail braid – With this modish fish braided, we certainly had a major obsession for fishtail braids. Also, the side twirls were very impressive


Lovely low bun – This chic and elegant low bun was a total rockstar! The slightly messy look in the front was bang up to date!


Chic ponytail – This ponytail swirled and twirled to perfection was a total stunner. With this one, you truly took chic ponytails to a level up.


Simple sleek style -Simplicity is the ultimate beauty done right with this sheeny sleek hairdo. The fineshine worked like a charm here!


Ravishing waves – The black outfit look wouldn’t look so gorgeous with this sassy wavy hairstyle. This hairdo graciously owned the look!