Charlotte Tilbury
London based celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, 47 founder, chairman, president, and chief creative officer of her eponymous makeup and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd. has handed over reins to  Puig  a Spanish company operating in the fashion and fragrance sector.  The British iconic luxury makeup and skincare brand launched in 2013 and has been successful globally.

Since Charlotte reached a crucial moment in business, the best way was to have a partnership that would help them move forward and expand and achieve their goals. Seven years after launching, they are looking forward to creating new opportunities with Puig. The entry of a brand like Charlotte Tilbury, with a solid product portfolio and strong roots in fashion, will reinforce Puig’s position in the category. Puig believes in storytelling and creating stories through their fragrances and with Tilbury on board they believe they would make a stronger team.

Charlotte Tilbury will continue her position as chairman, president, and chief creative officer of her company and Demetra Pinsent will remain CEO. Joining hands with Puig is a big decision, yet both believe that with the help of each they would be able to grow stronger and better in the fashion and fragrance segment. The Spanish fashion and fragrance group announced in a statement on Thursday that it would be acquiring a majority stake in the brand, while Charlotte Tilbury’s founder will retain a significant minority stake.