There’s no doubt Ranveer Singh is a trendsetter. The use of flamboyant colours and unstoppable bling in his quirky outfits and sometimes outrageous fashion choices; he carries it all with grace and style. From neon overalls and men-skirts to his infamous condom outfit, Singh has done it all.

For Singh, it doesn’t just stop at baby pink embellished tees, but also transcends to walking out in public in bright floral-patterned pant suits and trousers. It goes without saying that it is rare to find men who have ventured into androgynous dressing, but this versatile  actor seems to have no qualms about it.

Nitasha Gaurav, who the actor acknowledges as the brains behind his style statements, has been curating his looks for the past six years, and we’re sure that he has never once regretted listening to her expert advice, despite what the fashion critics have to say.

Nitasha’s guiding force for ‘experimental fashion’ is the colourful, playful, adventurous and bold personality of Bollywood’s poster boy! Nor the stylist and neither the actors is  afraid of experimenting and is open to trying anything. And apparently this is reason that they smoothly go with the flow without the fear of judgement. This talented stylist does not follow any trends. She just goes with what looks the best and that becomes a trend.

While these eccentric curations are not always well received, it seems that for Nitasha Gaurav,  it does not matter  what other people think. She’s all in for taking calculated risks with choice, design and colors of the outfits. And with Ranveer Singh’s fearless and unconventional and experimental dressing style- he perfectly complements Nitasha’s creative thought process!