Nike unlocked the power of sport for women in India through the ‘Make the World Listen’ campaign that was launched in Mumbai. Bollywood fashion stylist Shaleena Nathani was associated with Nike running club with a host of celebrities to lend their voice for the movement. This movement is basically to empower women through sports, to defy convention and breakthrough judgment and to drive the change they want to see in the world and the community.

Women are at the top of their game and are making the world listen every day, in sport and life. In India, cultural beliefs have led women to be judged, preventing them from having the freedom to express and be themselves towards realizing their ambition and success. At the Mumbai marathon, these runners wanted to show their support for the women who defied all the rules and took what they wanted with a glorious smile.

These ladies of the cinema were an active part of the campaign with their self-expression printed on their sports bras as they ran to the finish line pledging to shatter limiting beliefs they faced. Hence, throughout this campaign, the sports bra is fundamentally highlighted to fuel this movement. The Sports Bra gives every woman support and protection whilst playing any form of sport. With innovation at the core of the conversation, a sports bra serves as a functional garment to enable women to move with ease, comfort, and support. Hence when women are at ease and confident to move freely, this fuels empowerment and self-expression.was the main takeaway from the campaign.