It’s been a couple of months since we’ve been approached to remain at home with an end goal to crush the novel coronavirus. It has bewildered the world to watch all the remaining series and movies which is so not Netflixing and chill anymore. In the same way as other different organizations and your “parlor wali aunties” are closed as we practice social distancing during the pandemic. This also influences us to adapt things that we resisted like taking care of your skin and body.

Maybe, the time has come to ‘return to nuts and bolts’ to discover thoughts for body and skincare at home itself. Here are a couple of tips to deal with your skin and body during the lockdown.

Morning with the basics: Let’s get you to the part where your body needs freshness, every morning we wake up either tired or clumsy but before you take your quick shower let’s get you to your skin benefits. Morning breakfast with fruits is the healthiest meal and you can apply all the leftover fruits to your face for better skin. Sara Ali Khan shared her secret of beautiful skin is to apply what is left. Let us give some examples:

  • Apply Papaya: We generally eat papaya in our breakfast if not then start having one and take one or two slices and apply it on your face, try for a week or two and you will see the magic on your skin.
  • Apply banana peel with honey: Honey is known to increase softness in our skin and banana helps in peeling the dirt and cracked skin. The perfect blend of two helps you in giving a smooth and glowing skin.
  • Apply raw milk: Just before heading to the shower, take a spoon full of raw milk and apply it on your face. Rub it nicely and give it a massage, try it for two weeks and see the clear wonders on your skin.

Tomato and Lemon are all you need: Well, it’s time to clear your tan for glowing skin. We generally don’t have time to try these things but due to the current scenario working from home can help get rid of your unusual tan. Take a slice of tomato or lemon and apply it on your face, keep it for 20 minutes and then clean it with Rosewater. Rosewater helps you open the pores and clean the skin underneath by leaving with beautiful skin.

Moisturize before you say “goodnight”: Clean your face with cleansing milk and apply moisturizer on your body and face, this will help in taking care of your dead skin. If you daily moisturize your body all night long, it leaves you with tightened and glowing skin just like your favorite celebrity.

These are few “try at home” remedies for your skincare routine amid the boredom of working from home.

Say hello to new skin and goodbye to dead ones.