For a long time, we’ve been dawning on the meticulous looks for Sonakshi Sinha curated by makeup artist Heema Dattani and hair artist Madhuri Nakhale. Heema Dattani is one of the most renowned makeup artists of the Indian Cinema. She is also certified as an artist of MAC lessons and applications successfully for three years. Together with Madhuri Nakhale who has been successful to make her name as one of the most talented hair artists of B-town, both these artists created beguiling looks for Sonakshi Sinha’s cover shoot for the Peacock Magazine.

If you look at the flamboyant and radiant looks of Sonakshi, you can’t certainly take your eyes off her. This time we saw a very voguish look graced with flowers and pleasing colors. The makeup done by Heema Dattani was a surreal combination of glistening base with mellow eye makeup and sauve and spectacular lip shade. When it comes to the hairdo, which was done by Madhuri Nakhale, it was supremely aesthetic. The long soft curls adorned with beautiful flowers created an incandescent aura for the look. All in all, the Covergirl look had us all by heart!