It's been a couple of months since we've been approached to remain at home with an end goal to crush the novel coronavirus. It has bewildered the world to watch all the remaining series and movies which is so not Netflixing and chill anymore. In the same way as other different organizations and your “parlor wali aunties” are closed as we practice social distancing during the pandemic. This also influences us to adapt things that we resisted like taking care of your skin and body.Maybe, t

Eye makeup products to take over Lipsticks?

Women usually carry lipstick as their essential makeup item, and the beauty shops are most of the time flooded with people testing the different shades of lipstick. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected a lot of things including the sale of lipsticks, as women won’t find it necessary to apply lipstick if it’s going to be hidden by the mask. Before the Covid-19 breakout, lipsticks and any other lip makeup were the at the top of all makeup segments, and now since women are at home


While everybody from common man to celebrities are doing their part to contribute to this appalling Covid situation , our fashion designers are making sure to do their part righteously and some of them who are contributing majorly towards this are designers Masaba Gupta and Anita Dongre. Masaba announced that she would be distributing non-surgical face masks, and this initiative was called ‘Maskaba ‘named after her fashion label House of Masaba, due to the current situation the fashion labe