One of the most talented fashion stylists of B-town is here revealing all the insiders on what goes behind the screen in fashion and styling. It is mind-bogglingly interesting how the industry has evolved and how fashion stylists are continuing to evolve with the styling trends in the process. Let's see what Maneka has in store for us. Q. What was your first job in fashion? How did your career in fashion begin? A. I worked as a fashion and lifestyle journalist and then a content producer for a

Manish Malhotra Collaborates With Raniwala 1881 To Launch His First Ever Jewellery Collection

Manish Malhotra can be credited with as the pioneer of the styling and the fashion world. This man with his incandescent designs and his astute vision changed the fashion landscape forever. But this is merely one achievement of this super talented man. Amongst many others are creating the showstopper-front row culture in the fashion show circuit; for glamorizing Bollywood, and continuing to for almost three generations. Also over the past few months, Malhotra has announced two other new vertical