Alia as a fashion stylist has a very unique choice when it comes to the designs and accessories. Everytime there’s something new and unknown that she brings on the table. Her dynamic sense of dressing up the stars is what her distinct image as a fashion stylist looks like. Let’s take a look at her some of the best looks till date.


The white jumpsuit glam- the alluring white outfit elegant pearl earrings lead a whole new road to modern fashion.

The red knotted dress- this front knotted dress is bewitching to another level. This dress is complete even without any accessory.

The blue finesse- saying that this look is mesmerizing wouldn’t even completely do justice to this gorgeous one shoulder jumpsuit paired with high heels.

The airport look – white v- neck top paired with ripped boyfriend jeans is the spunk we always look forward to having after this look. It’s simple and it’s classy!

The white florid dress- with boho necklace on the deep beautiful white dress, this look is the perfect summer look inspiration that Allia got on board.

The uniform regalia- with this mind boggling outfit Allia bought a whole new array to the world of fashion. Black tie with red jacket on the brown trousers is fairly ravishing. And the golden heels added the needed glam quotient to the look.

The magniloquent beige charm- this look apparently gave the garden wedding day feels to all of us. All successful in giving us major bridesmaid dress goals.

The black aesthetic- this three piece attire totally set our hearts on fire. With the monochrome setting, this dress is pulling off a great show.

The bombastic finery- with the basic colours and the finely done embellishment with bright colors, this translucent attire pulled off a great deal. The exquisite rings are the only accessory used but is adding it’s own beauty to the whole look.

The blue fancy allure- with a lucent blue outfit and the beguiling earrings, this look is worth the time we spent staring at the screen on this picture.