We’ve always known Namrata Soni as the makeup artist who has been giving effortless glam to all the stunning ladies of the Indian Cinema for 20 years now. Truly, the charm that Namrata Soni splashes on these pretty faces is unmatchable and as timeless as it can get. And every look that she curates is better and finer than the last one. It’s simple for Namrata Soni- set a benchmark, uplift it and then repeat. And we think that’s what makes her journey as a professional makeup artist commendable.

And now she’s added yet another feather to her divine cap with Simply Nam– a beauty brand reflecting here 20 years of experience in this industry. Just recently launched, Simply Nam is a new and innovative Indian beauty brand that combines the best of science and nature – to create safe, effective, and long-lasting products with guaranteed results. All the products by Simply Nam are made with the Indian woman, climate, and lifestyle in mind.

“Your everyday routine should not be expensive or complicated – it needs to be practical, affordable, convenient, sustainable, and hygienic.” That’s what Namrata Soni has to say. Hence Simply Nam is a collection of effective tools and ingredients – professionally tested with proven results.

Simply Nam is based on makeup products that are good for your skin and also good for the environment.

The Simply Nam Makeup Remover Towel

The Simply Nam Makeup Remover Towel is a vegan, sustainable replacement for cotton pads, disposable wipes, and makeup remover liquids. This is an eco-friendly reusable makeup-removing cloth for use with warm water.

There are two types:

  1. Makeup Remover Towel One-Pack
  2. Makeup Remover Towel Box Two-Pack

It’d be interesting to see what more and better sustainable makeup products are introduced by this lovely brand, Simply Nam.