Tik Tok

Lately, we’ve been stuck to our social media pages while we are practicing social distancing. While we are being entertained by content marketers and creators in multiple ways, these trending challenges are really coming out to be fun and entertaining for us whereas, with normal people, Celebrities are also taking an active part. 

One such trending challenge is the #NoRushChallenge on TikTok, more commonly known as the Makeup Brush Challenge. These days, if you scroll through the app, you are bound to find a ton of short videos of people doing this challenge with their friends. 

So, what exactly do you do in this #NoRushChallenge? 

  • Grab a few friends and get down to planning 
  • This challenge starts off with one person flaunting their “makeup-free” skin. 
  • This is then followed by grabbing a makeup brush and holding it over the camera lens.
  • And when that person reveals herself, she is in full glam. But that’s not it! 
  • What you have to do next is throw the brush and edit the clip so that it looks like your friend caught it. 
  • Then, your friend will repeat the process, holding the brush over the lens and revealing a full makeup look
  • You can repeat this process with as many people as you want. Set a killer music track in the background and there you go on a trending challenge. 

Also, one can take up this challenge with any makeup product to pass it to your girl gang. What better way to engage with your friends while following social distancing at the core? 

All in all, people across the internet are loving this new challenge on TikTok and we are seeing creativity spiraling in the videos.