The large-scale effects of novel coronavirus have changed the whole world in more than a million ways already, and more or less, all of us are very uncertain about how and what things will look like when all of this is over. In these outbreak times, everybody is forced to stay indoors putting physical meetings and social gatherings at a hold. And as a result, one of the most pertinent effects of this pandemic has been on our work lives. 

While most of us are working from home, the celebrity makeup artists and hairstylists can’t even do that since their job requires face-to-face, one-on-one contact, which is primarily what we are avoiding to spread the virus. Therefore, these creative artists are coming up with exciting ways to spice up the quarantine. 

While initially, these artists were focussing on giving haircare and skincare tips through videos and long-form content on Instagram, much lately they are resorting to conducting online makeup tutorials. 

Much recently, Mehak Oberoi, often regarded as the millennial makeup artist, conducted one of these and is all set to conduct a few more covering “Red Carpet Looks” and “Makeup for Beginners.”


Also, the very renowned Vardan Nayak has announced a masterclass offering an online Certificate Programme for the trainers. Vardan has assisted ace makeup artist Micky Contractor for 10 years before going independent.  Today, Vardan is one of the most sought after makeup artists. The artist has announced through his Instagram that the class will be conducted on May 07, 2020 and interested viewers can drop him a direct message.

Moreover, Shraddha Bachani is conducting a makeup masterclass on “Fresh Day Makeup to Classic Glam Night-out Makeup.” 15 May 2020 from 4pm to 6pm at her Instagram channel is where you have to be if you want to learn the enticing tips and tricks with her. 

This is the best way to making the most of the lockdown and connecting to their audience virtually, giving them the best makeup tips through such paid online makeup courses. 

We are really looking forward to these courses!