While the novel pandemic struck a halt at the whole world, we now are slowly commencing back to work. Not entirely the same way but with the new normal. The new normal is pretty much something that we will have to get used to. Regular sanitization of touchpoints, mandate use of masks and gloves, and maintaining safe distance at all times is what the new normal looks like.

While most of us are still working from home, some of our Bollywood makeup artists went back to work after almost 4 months of lockdown. It sure seemed different. But most of all, it felt different.

Mehak Oberoi posted on her Instagram Channel saying that “ This one will be special. Thanks to Covid19”

Mickey Contractor, one of the most renowned makeup artists of B-town posted a picture with the face shield on and captioned it something like – “ On shoots, this is how it is going to be for a while. Worn it for the last two hours and can’t wait to rip it off. Hats off to the health care workers who have been doing this for months.”